Where did you first hear about WP Blood Transfusion Service?

In an advert
5% (5 votes)
On social media
3% (3 votes)
From a friend, family member or colleague
34% (33 votes)
There was a clinic close to where I work/stay/study
44% (42 votes)
I looked it up myself
14% (13 votes)
Total votes: 96

Life Blood Newsletter:

WPBTS shares its latest news with blood users in the Life Blood Newsletter Edition 26, on the latest news page.

Plasma-derived Medicinal Products (PDMP’s) Update:

In response to the MCC audit review, WPBTS has voluntarily ceased production of its PDMP’s and has permanently closed the Pharmaceutical Division after thirty years in operation.

Pathogen Reduction Evaluation:

WPBTS and SANBS are evaluating/reviewing the feasibility of pathogen reduction technology for pooled random donor platelets and single donor apheresis platelets for implementation in South Africa.

Haemovigilance Report:

WPBTS and SANBS’s reporting of adverse blood transfusion/donation events in South Africa is available in the latest SA National Haemovigilance Report (2014), on the haemovigilance information page. 

Customer Satisfaction Survey:

WPBTS is conducting its annual customer satisfaction survey for blood users. To participate in the survey visit the Life Blood Newsletter Edition 26, on the latest news page.  

Where do you think most of the blood we collect is used?

Accidents, trauma and Casualty departments
68% (319 votes)
Childbirth and gynaecological cases
6% (30 votes)
Surgical and orthopaedic cases
10% (48 votes)
Medical cases (e.g. treatment of cancer or blood diseases)
15% (71 votes)
Total votes: 468

How many donations did you make during 2015?

Not a donor
14% (44 votes)
16% (49 votes)
16% (50 votes)
15% (47 votes)
20% (63 votes)
10% (31 votes)
8% (24 votes)
Total votes: 308