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How old were you when you first donated blood?

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Where did you first hear about WP Blood Transfusion Service?

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Where do you think most of the blood we collect is used?

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How many donations did you make during 2015?

Not a donor
14% (44 votes)
16% (49 votes)
16% (50 votes)
15% (47 votes)
20% (63 votes)
10% (31 votes)
8% (24 votes)
Total votes: 308

What/ who inspired you to become a blood donor?

A family member.
31% (53 votes)
A friend/ colleague.
14% (24 votes)
I know/ knew someone who needs/ needed blood.
9% (15 votes)
WPBTS came to my school, tertiary institution, place of work, etc.
33% (55 votes)
I passed a clinic and thought I would give it a try!
13% (22 votes)
Total votes: 169