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When would you prefer to receive reminders about upcoming clinics?

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How often does low iron prevent you from donating blood?

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What motivates you to donate blood regularly?

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Who have you ever convinced to donate blood?

A close friend.
13% (25 votes)
A colleague.
13% (26 votes)
My partner.
8% (15 votes)
A family member.
16% (31 votes)
A classmate.
5% (10 votes)
A stranger.
1% (2 votes)
I've convinced multiple people.
28% (54 votes)
16% (31 votes)
Total votes: 194

What do you think is the biggest reason why people don't try to donate blood?

They don't have the time.
9% (8 votes)
They don't think they qualify.
9% (8 votes)
They don't have access to blood donation clinics.
10% (9 votes)
They have a medical condition that won't allow them to donate.
3% (3 votes)
They are afraid of how their blood will be used.
3% (3 votes)
They have a fear of needles.
59% (51 votes)
They are afraid they'll get a disease.
6% (5 votes)
Total votes: 87