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Cross-match Testing:

WPBTS introduces the electronic cross-match system that improves turnaround time in its Blood Banks.

Transfusion Transmitted Disease (TTD) Testing:

WPBTS in collaboration with Roche Diagnostics launches its highly customised testing platform that improves processing times.

Marketing Campaign:

WPBTS introduces its Patient Blood Management Awareness Week Campaign to assist clinicians with their transfusion decisions.

Paternity Testing Service:

As of the 30th of October 2015 the WPBTS has terminated its Paternity Testing Service and has referred testing to private pathology laboratories.

Product Information Update:

WPBTS has recently introduced new and improved blood bags that provide better quality blood and blood products.

Life Blood Newsletter:

WPBTS shares its latest news with blood users in the Life Blood Newsletter Edition 25 that is available on the latest news page.

The heart of transfusion medicine

The clinical guidelines for the use of blood products in South Africa is jointly published by the blood services in South Africa. Its aim is to provide clinicians with useful information about blood products and brief guidelines for their optimum use.

Patient Blood Management (PBM) is an evidence-based, multidisciplinary approach to optimising the care of patients who might need transfusions and has become an important part of transfusion medicine. This 5th Edition of the Clinical Guidelines for the use of Blood Products in South Africa has taken into account the evidence-based guidelines that were released by AABB in 2010 and 2012, respectively. As noted in the foreword to the 4th Edition, blood transfusion is the cornerstone of therapy for many serious and common diseases. Without the ready availability of blood components it would be difficult to implement modern treatment regimens for many malignant diseases and complex surgical procedures.

View Clinical Guidelines for the Use of Blood Products in South Africa, 5th Edition.
Download Clinical Guidelines for the Use of Blood Products in South Africa, 5th Edition.(2.42MB)