If you have visited a malaria area, you will only be able to donate blood four weeks after leaving that area. Also, if you have any symptoms suggestive of malaria infection, you cannot donate blood for three months after the start of those symptoms. If you have been diagnosed with malaria, you will not be able to donate blood for three years from the time of complete treatment and recovery.

If you grew up in a malaria endemic area and have recently moved to South Africa, you will not be allowed to donate blood at WPBTS for three years after leaving your home country. Also, if you travel back to your home country or visit any other malaria endemic area, you will be deferred for another three years from the time of leaving that area.  The reason for this is that people who have grown up in malaria endemic areas may acquire a partial resistance to malaria infection, which can mask the symptoms of the disease.  They may appear well but carry a low number of malaria parasites, which could be transmitted via their donated blood. Research has also shown that people from malaria endemic areas lose their immunity very quickly when they leave that area and become more susceptible to contracting malaria if they return to their home country or another malaria endemic area.