How the blood bank works


Requisition forms and samples


Informed consent


Prescribing blood products


Untoward transfusion reactions

Haemovigilance information

Diligently measuring transfusion and donation outcomes

Look back programme

Haemovigilance information

Diligently measuring transfusion and donation outcomes

Ordering and administering blood

We are committed to improving blood user compliance

The Blood Services in South Africa have jointly published the educational video(s). This teaching tool is aimed at nurses and clinicians using blood and blood products. It is recommended that staff revise the content through repeated viewings on a 6 monthly basis, and also that new staff joining the hospital/facility are shown the video as part of in-service training or induction programs.

Autologous Donation

Autologous donation is available for prospective patients who are undergoing elective surgery and who meet the blood donor acceptance criteria who may choose to use their own blood for transfusion.

The WPBTS is dedicated to providing the safest blood products and services to the community. We also respect the fact that individuals may prefer to receive their own blood for transfusion. That is why we offer the service of autologous donation, which is the opportunity for individuals to donate for their planned surgery and blood transfusion.

Limited Donor Exposure Programme

The "limited donor exposure programme" (LDEP) was implemented in order to decrease donor exposure for those neonates/ paediatrics who are on long-term transfusion therapy. The advantages of the LDEP/ infant red cell concentrates are as follows: (1) the complete dose is derived from a single donor; (2) reduced donor exposure for the patient; (3) reduced risk of alloimmunisation to HLA antigens. Neonatal units should arrange with the Blood Bank that those neonates with extended transfusion needs are placed on LDEP.

Gamma-Irradiation of Blood Products

Gamma-irradiated blood and blood products are provided upon request. The irradiation procedure is performed at our blood bank which is situated at the Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital. The irradiated blood and blood products are then transported to the requesting blood bank, for issue to the ward.